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Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Central Catholic High School. Here are their stories.

As the years have gone by, I was fortunate to be blessed with amazing teachers who really cared about their students' successes. I want to thank all of the teachers who taught me over the years because they are the ones who made high school that much more enjoyable. I realize now they were the ones who shaped me into the person I am today. Throughout my high school experience, I was lucky enough to have some amazing teachers who helped me find my passions and follow my dreams.

Another thank you goes out to all the people I came across over my high school years. Whether we were friends or not, I am blessed to have met all the different people I have over the years. These people I have come across have helped me see what kind of qualities I want in my friends and what kind of people I want and need to be surrounded by to make my life whole.

Central Catholic High School provided the scholastic foundation for my college years and certainly can be directly responsible for my life successes.

—"Jack" Lopez '71

When asked, "Why do you support Central Catholic High School?" there is an easy answer: I know that I would not have had the wonderful life I have had without receiving the education I received at CCHS. A large part of a great education is learning how to think for oneself without just being spoon-fed information. Critical thinking was and is a large part of a CCHS education. The future of our community depends upon having good people who do good things. Look around our community and you will find CCHS alumni doing good things everywhere. We must pay that forward. I often say, "If I can help get a young man through Central Catholic High School, I know he will have a successful life." I look upon my financial support of Central Catholic as a privilege.

—Doug Cross '63

Janis and Bruce TschoepeHardly a day goes by without an event or memory reminding me of the impact CCHS has had on my life. Whether it be a prayer of thanksgiving, or a prayer for the well-being of the school, I find that my years at Central are having much more of an impact on my life than I ever imagined. There are so many facets of the school that I bless. The current students, their parents (who make tremendous sacrifices to send their boys to Central, the faculty, the staff, the administration, the coaches, the alumni, the Board of Directors that help guide the school through all types of thoughtful and challenging initiatives. And then the retrospective kicks in. Thinking back at the relationships that were formed back in the 1960”s (at least for me), that begin with my parents sending me to CCHS, my classmates of the class of 1966, the incredible faculty and Marianists that transformed us from gawky, awkward boys into credible, responsible young men heading into college or military service. What a blessing to be part of the cast of men of CCHS.

So how do we as mature, successful men ever repay our parents and the school for the gift that was given to us so many years ago? You will be amazed at how ridiculously easy it is to make an incredibly generous gift back to CCHS. My wife, Janis, and I simply included CCHS as part of our estate planning some ten years ago. Simply put, we asked our attorney to include CCHS in our wills. We identified a reasonable and generous percentage of our estate that will be gifted to CCHS at the time of our deaths. So little effort on our part, but so great are the rewards!

Might you join me and Janis by establishing an estate funded scholarship for those families that can only dream of a Catholic education for their sons, much less one at the premier private boy’s school in San Antonio.

—Janis & Bruce Tschoepe '66

When I write cards or letters to my parents, I almost always thank them for making the sacrifice to send me to Central Catholic. Going to Central Catholic widened my horizons by allowing me to study with students from around San Antonio, preparing me for college, and providing a life-long learning foundation. I look back with fondness on the 4 years of Central, the many friends I made, and my own Wonder Years. I would not be where I am today without the education I received from Central Catholic. So, I began making contributions to Central in 1993. In 1999, I began making quarterly contributions to Central that pay for an insurance policy that will establish a scholarship for Central students. It was also important for me to make quarterly contributions for the general needs of Central so that ongoing services and building needs can be met. I strongly recommend that other alumni look back on their times at Central, thank their parents for their sacrifice to allow them to attend such an outstanding and historical school, think about how a Central education influenced their lives, and consider giving what they can to allow Central Catholic to continue to educate the young men of San Antonio.

—Albert M. Peché Class of '74